Multi-purpose License Plate (LP) Dataset

Multi-purpose LP dataset that could be used for Character Recognition, Super Resolution and LP Detection. alternative

In an effort to improve the smart cities sector in Malaysia, we have decided to make public a License Plate (LP) image dataset of Malaysian Cars. This activity was also partially supported by the Center for Remote Sensing and Surveillance Technologies (CRSST), Multimedia University. This effort was not possible without the help of the following members of iRadar: Mr. Kelvin Lim, Mr. Yap KC, Mr. Pang YF, Mr. Ng YA, Mr. Lee CC and others.

Each sample of the dataset consists of 2 images. The High-Resolution (HR) image and the processed Low-Resolution (LR) image with adaptive noise. An HR image has a size of 368x160, while an LR image has a size of 92x40 which is 4 times smaller. You may refer to our published paper for an example of using the dataset for super-resolution application. The dataset consists of 1000 samples. Additionally, the ground truth of the Licence Plate Characters are provided, which can be extracted from the image filename. An example of the filename is: LPRC0000482-WB6355P.jpg, where the characters in red colour are the ground truth.


The dataset is available for download.