A Smarter Way To Inspect, Analyze & Manage Data
Smart Sensing & Analytics for a Better Tomorrow
To perform tree counting, nutrient and disease detection.
To perform progress tracking and earthwork monitoring.
To conduct site surveying and inventory tracking.
To perform infrastructure inspection, monitoring and surveying
To collect evidence fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective
Oil & Gas
To monitor oil rigs, underground pipelines, and oil spills.
What We Do
Better Business Sense with Smart Sensing
iRadar offers multiple industries with sensing and analytics solution where UAV (unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is deployed to achieve an instant impact and cost effective value for industries to make a real difference.

Combining high definition cameras, sensors and drone expertise, our technology generates a high level of accuracy in aerial imaging and sensing engineering to exceed industries expectations effortlessly.

We use multiple data analytics tools to translate accurate captured data into meaningful information at the cloud end that will help industries to make smarter and informed business decisions.
3 Major Modules of Our Smart Sensing Solutions

Data collection

Machine learning

Web-based access
All iRadar Sensing & Analytic Services are offered in either on-demand project basis or regular subscription basis.
Sensing Module
We use state-of-the-art sensing tools ranging from optical, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral and microwave frequencies to deliver high quality operative results for mapping, inspection and monitoring.
Airborne Sensors
Industrial UAVs
Aerial Mapping Software
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24/7 Monitoring Stations
Measurement Tools
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Analytics Module
We provide data analytics and image processing tools to translate accurate captured data into meaningful information for automated detection, counting, inspection, monitoring and more.
AI Engine
Object Counting
Character Recognition
Deep Feature Extraction
Nebula Platform
Precision Agriculture
Mapping and Inspection
Monitoring and Prediction
Reporting Module
We turn the meaningful analysis information into a comprehensive report to help you to make well-informed and useful business decisions.
Web-based access
Downloadable and printable
Data visualization
Comprehensive inspection and analysis
Findings and conclusions
Suggestions and recommendations
Our Products
We have better know-how

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On The Move
We are here to serve you
Setting point target.
For field calibration.
Installing radar.
For Landslide monitoring.
Installing UWB radar.
For vehicle tracking.
Flying drone.
Precision Farming.
Conducting training.
Technology transfer.
We have an experienced technical team to provide complete engineering solution, ranging from contract research, design services, to technical training.
Strategic Partners
Hand-in-hand we deliver professionalism
National Instruments
Copper Mountain
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