Yes! iRadar is the Grand Winner of Tech Plan Demo Day in Malaysia 2021

Aug 16 | 11:03 a.m. | by iRadar News

Special Remarks from the Grand Winner of Tech Plan Demo Day in Malaysia 2020 & Grand Winner of Tech Planter Asia Final 2020, iRadar Sdn. Bhd. It was truly inspiring to hear from Ir. Prof. Dr. Khoo Voon Chet, Co-Founder of iRadar Sdn. Bhd. in delivering his message to all of the finalists.

Started by a remote sensing research group of Multimedia University, iRadar Sdn Bhd was corporated in 2011 to deliver state-of-the-art sensing goods and services and their related technology. It has a very strong core technology that is a very precise, proprietary, high-resolution imaging radar that enables the early detection of landslides.

This device can give early warning even if there is a subtle movement (in the range of sub-mm) on the ground surface. The smart sensing solutions by iRadar are now widely used in three important sectors: environmental monitoring, industrial 4.0, and smart farming.

Back on iRadar's journey, Ir. Prof. Dr. Koo shared his experience that strategic collaborations are crucial to expand their company and develop more values. Initially, as a start-up providing such unique solutions, Ir. Prof. Dr. Koo said, it was always difficult to market their services and technology to the public. By joining Tech Planter, iRadar has connected to significant Japanese companies and expanded its networks to market its technologies in Malaysia as well as other countries. "If everything is still on paper, it might not be advantageous to society," said Ir. Prof. Dr. Koo. To commercialize their research outputs, researchers need to be able to develop distinctive market values, engage the right partners, and be passionate to develop deep technology in solving global problems.