Astro AEC Interview: GoTani Breaking the Limitations in Conventional Agriculture

Oct 12 | 12:07 p.m. | by iRadar News

Can the emergence of high technologies such as big data, automation, drones, and the Internet of Things solve conventional agriculture's pain points and limitations? iRadar CEO, Prof. Ir. Dr Koo answered all the questions during an interview with Astro AEC on 11/10/2021. 

With the aim to facilitate the farmers' work, iRadar introduced its GoTani to break the limitations faced in traditional agriculture, such as the estimated costs and resources needed for a farm. Will it rain or be sunny for today, and when the following farm produce is.

Initiated by the iRadar CEO, Prof. Ir. Dr Koo, GoTani provides comprehensive farm management at the edge of fingertips. The offered services include budget and resources planning, weather forecast and analytics, automation control and scheduling, disease recognition, experiment logbook, and farm produce tracking. All these services enable farmers to know depth about their farm.

We are so proud to see iRadar is getting more attention from the media. We hope that iRadar keep moving forward prosperously with more great inventions and products that benefit society with this interview.

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