UAV Applications for oil and gas
Oil & gas facilities, both on and off shore, require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and avoid failure. Conventional methods of inspection, such as using scaffolding, setting rope lines, sending an inspector into hazardous areas, etc., are costly and risky. We provide professional UAV services for oil & gas facilities inspection and maintenance, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time.
Infrastructure inspection
Routine infrastructure inspection
Wall and paint thickness measurement
Rusting and corrosion inspection
Underground pipeline mapping
Safety and surveillance
Situational awareness beyond the rig
Perimeter surveillance and intrusion alerts
Safety procedures and evacuation monitoring
Live video monitoring of oil leaks and spills
Our solutions for the oil & gas sector

Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and depth of oil & gas facilities
Mapping of underground pipeline
High resolution imagery
Geo-reference high-resolution images of oil rigs for quick assessment
Live video streaming of oil leaks and spills
Close-up inspection
Accessing hard-to-reach areas to ensure 100% inspection coverage
Structural health inspection (e.g. corrosion, rusting, fatigue, etc.)
Defect identification
Localization of structural defects, cracks and failures
Identification and measurement of anomalies
Online cloud platform
Cloud-based data analytics and management tool for regular inspection and monitoring
Multiple user access for timely exchange of information
Your Benefits
Improve personnel safety - Less exposure of site surveyors to hazardous areas
Enhance operational safety - On-site live monitoring of emergency incidence
Up-to-date reporting to keep track of the infrastructure conditions
Geo-tagged and high resolution data - easily detect and localize defects
Reduction of setup cost for inspection - Less expensive and faster inspection time than conventional methods
Reduction of operation cost - More efficient and less operation shutdown
Optimization of manpower and deployment - Less ground personnel for inspection, shorter notification time for UAV deployment
Better resource planning - More efficient allocation of highly skilled labour
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