UAV applications for mining
In mining industry, it is of paramount importance to enhance safety and at the same time increase the overall productivity. UAV technology is a powerful tool that can provide fast and accurate data for timely decision making. This has significant positive impact to mining operations. We provide professional UAV services that enable quarry owners to perform land condition survey, environmental impact assessment, overall project planning and progress tracking. By having multitude of geo-tagged, high-resolution aerial data, quarry owners can react more quickly and more precisely than using other traditional methods..
Site assessment and planning
Pre and post blast result surveying
Misfires damage inspection
Pit and dump inspection
Surface stability monitoring and mine slope inspection
Ground operation monitoring
Ground and stockpiles measurement surveying
Asset and material movement monitoring (plant, equipment, fleet, etc.)
Blast monitoring
Haul route surface monitoring
Environmental impact assessment
Mining site evolution monitoring
Surrounding areas erosion assessment
Landslide hazard assessment
Deforestation and biodiversity surveying
Our solutions for the mining sector

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) for height and elevation data of open pit mines
Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and depth of entire site
Volumetric analysis
Excavated area and volume measurements
Extracted stock piles volumetric calculations
2D and 3D modelling
High quality 2D maps for site assessment and planning
Interactive 3D model of mine sites
High resolution imagery
Geo-reference high-resolution images of entire site for quick site assessment
Live video streaming of blasting and other high risk operations
Close-up inspection
Equipment dilapidation inspection (e.g. conveyors, rockers, etc.)
Compliance and standard requirements inspection (mine highwall inspection, etc.)
Landslide hazard monitoring
Slope condition measurement and analysis
Landslide risk assessment and in-situ monitoring
Online cloud platform
Cloud-based data analytics and management tool for resource monitoring
Multiple user access for timely exchange of information
Your Benefits
Improve personnel safety - Less exposure of site inspectors to construction hazards
Enhance operational safety - On-site live monitoring of high risk and complex operations
Timely reporting to track progress better - Speed-up decision making
Multitude of geo-tagged data - Effective project tracking through a single platform
Replacement of conventional methods - Less expensive and faster inspection time than using cranes and ground-truth instruments
Reduction of operation cost - More efficient and less operation shutdown
Optimization of manpower and deployment - Less ground personnel for inspection, shorter notification time for UAV deployment
Efficient mission planning - Optimization of fleet and equipment utilization
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