Mapping Service
Why need Drone Mapping Service?
To generate a high resolution 3D map of area of interest
To aid the planning of flight paths and the navigation of drones in human-inaccessible areas for automated drone flight mission
To provide safe and automated flights during night time, or when there is heavy mist and fog
How do we conduct 3D Mapping
By using RGB cameras mounted on drones, we will take a series of pictures that will cover the area of interest and flight paths
These pictures will be taken with a certain amount off overlap as well as with sufficient resolution
A typical resolution for such planning is 3-5cm/pixel
These images will then be processed to generate a 3D model which critically includes the elevation of all the objects in the area mapped during flight mission
Comparison of Image Quality
Although there are readily available sources of maps, they are poor in resolution (and at most times outdated) for the purpose of precise navigation
Most of them are lack of elevation data, which are critically required for safe flights
Due to weather conditions and the limitation of satellite orbits, most satellite images of tropical region are covered by clouds
This is why it is slow for Google maps to update the maps
Let's take 2 typical maps and compare their details:
Comparison of Image Quality
Satellite Image
Drone Image
Comparison of Image Quality (zoom-in view)
Satellite Image
Drone Image
3D Map
One of the products we offer is a 3D map
3D map gives us a reference in the event it is necessary to fly in the dark or during heavy fog
This data is generated from the images taken from drone
When properly georeferenced, it is equivalent to a Class III survey grade map. (ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Digital Orthophotos Class III)
Sample of a High Resolution 3D map
Sample of 3D map (Perspective View)
Sample of map overlay in autopilot software
Our 3D Mapping Service
USD 5 per hectare (MOQ: 50 ha)
Mobilisation fees to be quoted separately
Typical duration for mapping: approx. 30 ha per single flight @ 3cm/pixel resolution (approx. 28 min)
Client to provide certified plan for the area of interest
We will assist you to obtain clearance from the authorities
Inclusive of third-party liability insurance
Further notes on Our Mapping Capability
Mapping Accuracy:
Our mapping accuracy meets the requirements of the ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Digital Orthophotos Class III
** The actual accuracy depends on surrounding lighting and patterns, aircraft altitude, mapping software used, and other factors when shooting
Ground Sample Distance (GSD) Calculation:
GSD= (H/36.5) cm/pixel
H means the aircraft altitude relative to shooting scene (unit: m)
Data Acquisition Efficiency:
Max operating area of approx. 30 hectares (or 0.3 km2) for a single flight (approx. 28 min) at an altitude of 120 m, i.e., GSD is approx. 3 cm/pixel.
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