UAV applications for insurance
(including Compliance and Environmental Impact assessments)
Nowadays, more and more insurance companies are using UAVs in their daily operations. UAVs are used to collect accurate data for premium calculations, damage inspection, post disaster assessment, fraud investigation and more. We provide professional UAV services that enable insurers to collect high quality evidence faster, safer and at a lower cost. Insurers can now use high quality data to speed up insurance claim processes, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction.
Risk assessment
Pre-insurance asset conditions inspection
Compliance and risk assessment inspection
High risk areas surveying
Environmental impact assessment
Asset claims inspection
Houses, properties and buildings damage (roof-tops, etc.)
Major accidents or crash inspection
Infrastructure damage inspection (bridges, roads, towers, etc.)
Natural disaster claims inspection
Meteorological disasters damage survey (hail, hurricane, tornadoes, etc.)
Structure deformation monitoring
Geological disasters damage survey (earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, etc.)
Hydrological disasters damage survey (flooding, tsunami, etc.)
Our solutions for the insurance sector

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) for height and elevation data of affected site
Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and depth of affected site
Defect identification
Defect and damage assessment
Surface, volume and distance measurements of major claims damages
Close-up inspection
Natural disaster damage inspection (storm, lightning, flood, etc.)
Accidental damage inspection (fire, roof collapse, etc.)
2D and 3D modelling
High quality 2D maps of large areas for damage assessment
3D model generation of buildings and man-made structures
Live imagery
Geo-reference high-resolution images of affected area for quick site assessment
Live video streaming of natural catastrophies and wildfires
Online cloud platform
Cloud-based data archive tool for pre and post claim management
Multiple user access for timely exchange of information
Your Benefits
Improve personnel safety - Less exposure of field specialists to potential hazards
Enhance operational safety - Reduction of adjusters physical site visits
Fast and accurate documentation of scene - 100% coverage of evidence collection
Instant data sharing - Instant reporting of site conditions to various stakeholders
Fast premium calculations - Competitive advantage over other companies
Faster claims processes - Increase customer satisfaction
Fast deployment to site - Quick access to site before contamination
Better resource planning - More efficient allocation of highly skilled labour
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