UAV Applications for infrastructure
(including security and surveillance)
Today, UAVs have become an integral part of infrastructure inspection practice. Using UAVs to inspect tall structures, such as telco and electric towers (over 15 - 55 meters height), is far more efficient and much safer than sending workers up the soaring and potentially unstable structures. We provide professional UAV services for infrastructure inspection, monitoring and surveying. With the use of advanced sensors onboard UAVs, they offer great flexibility for accessing hard-to-reach areas and capturing high-resolution data at a lower cost.
Expanded infrastructure
Highway conditions inspection
Road surface profiling and measurements
Road conditions assessment
Traffic surveillance and monitoring
Stand-alone infrastructure
Under-bridge bearing inspection
Solar panel defects inspection
Wall and paint thickness measurements
Perimeter surveillance and intrusion alerts
High-rise infrastructure
Yearly preventive maintenance inspection
Structure deformation monitoring
Tower stability assessment and monitoring
Sever weather damages and structure defects inspection
Our solutions for the infrastructure sector

Accurate topographical data for site plans
Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and elevation data of infrastructure
Thermal inspection
Structure insulation inspection for heat loss prevention
Solar cell defects, delamination, junction box failure detection
High resolution imagery
Geo-reference high-resolution images of infrastructure for detailed inspection
Regular imagery to assess short-term to long-term risk and ensure reliability
Close-up inspection
Accessing hard-to-reach areas to ensure 100% inspection coverage
Structural health inspection (e.g. corrosion, rusting, fatigue, etc.)
Defect identification
Localization of structural defects, cracks and failures
Identification and measurement of anomalies
Online cloud platform
Cloud-based data analytics and management tool for regular inspection and monitoring
Multiple user access for timely exchange of information
Your Benefits
Improve personnel safety - Reduce risk associated with working at heights
Enhance operational safety - On-site live monitoring of high risk infrastructure
Up-to-date reporting to keep track of the infrastructure conditions
Geo-tagged and high resolution data - easily detect and localize defects
Reduction of setup cost for inspection - Less expensive and faster inspection time than using cherry pickers and scaffoldings
Reduction of operation cost - More efficient and less operation shutdown
Optimization of manpower and deployment - Less ground personnel for inspection, shorter notification time for UAV deployment
Better resource planning - More efficient allocation of highly skilled labour
How Our Report Looks Like?
We provide professional sensing & analytics services as well as insightful report, help you to make informed decision and take confident action.
For further reference, check out our sample report(s):
Sample Report
Smart Service for Water Resource Management
Submit request form Our experienced team will contact you to understand your needs, evaluate the sites, and propose a suitable service package.
Flight Mission Planning and Drone Operations
Depending on site conditions, we can either automate the entire operation, or we can train your staff to conduct flight mission, operate drones, and manage data. Alternatively, you may engage our professional service team for drone operations.
View live data from APP
Authority can view processed data from APP. Users will be notified in the event of water pollution exceeding pre-defined limits.
Use Case for Infrastructure I
Water Resource Management (Singapore)

Use Case for Infrastructure II
Bridge Inspection, Melaka, Malaysia
Drone-based photogrammetry technique is an efficient and cost effective method for bridge inspection. Its advantages include faster acquisition, richer information, and with high accuracy (in mm).

Use Case for Infrastructure III
Taipei, Taiwan

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