Highway Inspection
Highway construction can be divided into 3 phases
Drones can be used in all 3 phases for different functions
Phase 1: Pre-construction Survey
Drones can be used before any work is conducted
Data such as Orthomaps, Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models allow managers and engineers to assess:
Depending on the vegetation cover, the work can be performed by using drones equipped with RTK module at centimetre precision
Data can be captured without entering privately owned land or traversing difficult terrain, thus making data collection easier
Sample Results
• Pre-construction survey
Phase 2: Mid-Construction Progress Inspection
Drones can also be used during this phase to generate:
Ortho-maps - provide a detailed overall picture of progress
DSMs - provide the ability to measure progress as well as stockpile volumes and structure heights
This data can be collected quickly without interrupting the work on the ground
At a resolution of 3cm per pixel, an area of 25 hectares can be covered in 25 minutes
RTK enabled drones give centimetre precision outputs
The data can be converted into CAD formats to compare with the original engineering plans for verification purposes
Sample Results
• Mid-construction progress inspection
Phase 3: Post-Construction Inspection
Post-construction inspection
Drones can be used to provide detailed inspection of
Surface of road - actual surface, road markings and fixtures
Roadside assets - drains, kerb and more
The digitized road can be used as a reference for future inspection works
Every asset on the road can be identified, tagged with an asset number and GPS coordinates for real world identification of location. This can then be used to compare the same asset at different times for temporal change detection or defect identification.
Sample Results
• Section Overall
• Section Elevation
• Road Close-up
• Road Elevation
• Road Cross Section
• Drain flow inspection
• Asset Identification and Tagging
• Asset Identification and Tagging
• Damage Inspection
• Drain Inspection
• Drain Inspection
• Drain Inspection
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