GNSS Station
High Accuracy.
Fully Automated.
Automated. All Weather.
Anchor Deformation Monitoring
Anchor GNSS
Anchor deformation monitoring using GNSS is a high performance and cost effective method to monitor deformation of natural and man-made structures such as slopes and dams.
Early Warning
The anchor GNSS system is a fully automatic system. It works 24/7 and it will send alarming messages through SMS, mobile APP, or online portal when irregularities detected.
Benefits of GNSS
The anchor GNSS system employs advanced GNSS data processing techniques to provide high-performance deformation monitoring for natural and man-made structures.

Greater Precision
Timely Monitoring
All Weather
Solar Powered
Fully Automatic
Cost Effective
High Accuracy
The accuracy of the anchor GNSS system varies with the data update rate. It can achieve accuracy as good as 1 mm + 0.5 ppm with an update interval of 24 hours. It is ideal for deformation monitoring.
Award Winning Invention
Multi-antennas are linked to a single GNSS receiver. Through an advanced data processing method, all the antennas can be used to receive GNSS data and provide high accuracy deformation monitoring.
End-to-End Solution
We provide back-to-school science activities for kids to learn about environmental sensing and the importance of preserving our environment. Kids will also learn disaster and emergency preparedness tips.
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