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GBSAR Overview
The "Ground-Based Surface Deformation Monitoring Radar" (or GBSAR) developed by iRadar can detect sub-mm movement on natural and synthetic objects. 
The high-resolution change detection is beneficial to disaster monitoring, risk assessment as well as for the establishment of early warning framework for hazard management.
G2000 series GBSAR can be applied in various areas to monitor the surface deformation of earth environments (such as landslides, terrain subsidence, falling rocks, glaciers, avalanches, volcanoes, etc.) as well as man-made structures (such as bridges, buildings, towers, dams, roads, etc.).
GBSAR provides 24/7 periodic monitoring of large area (more than 80,000 m2) with the sensing distance of 1-2 km.
Comes with user-friendly software and cloud portal for remote monitoring and hazard management.
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Model G2000L G2000M
Operating Frequency 17.2 GHz 17.2 GHz
Bandwidth* 200 MHz - 1 GHz 200 MHz - 1 GHz
Waveform FMCW/Step Frequency FMCW/Step Frequency
Polarization single single
Transmit Power 1 W 1 W
Antenna Gain 16 dBi 16 dBi
3dB beamwidth 20º (azimuth), 20º (elevation) 50º (azimuth), 25º (elevation)
Synthetic Length 1m 1.5m
Range Resolution** 0.15m - 0.75m 0.15m - 0.75m
Azimuth Resolution** 8.7 mrad 5.8 mrad @ 1KM
Sensing Distance 500m - 1000m 500m - 2000m
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*Bandwidth can be customised based on client requirements.
** Range resolution will be affected by bandwidth selection.
Sample SAR Images
Kee Lung Beach Site
Fire Hill
Wulai Township
Time series synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images are used to detect surface deformation. This technique can achieve sub-millimeter changes in deformation over days to years.
GBSAR works well under any weather conditions such as rainy, hazy or windy day
Patented Design for Surface Deformation Monitoring!
G2000L/ M
1-axis Surface Deformation Monitoring Radar Light weight, portable, and affordable GBSAR that can achieve sub-millimeter changes over spans of days to years. Best suited for advanced SAR research, development and quick deployment.

3-axis Surface Deformation Monitoring Radar All weather GBSAR suitable for geophysical monitoring of landslides, terrain subsidence, falling rocks, glaciers, and volcanoes, as well structural monitoring of bridges, buildings, towers, dams and roads.

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