UAV applications for construction
Traditionally, construction works such as site surveying, progress tracking, logistical planning and resource monitoring are time-consuming, labor intensive and high-risk. It can be very costly and yet ineffective, depending on the complexity of the site conditions and the accessibility of the areas or structures under observation. We provide professional UAV services that enable project owners to collect, store, combine and analyze high-resolution aerial images for site inspection and project tracking. Engineers, architects and project managers can now use highly accurate data to make faster and better decisions.
Base model generation for CAD designs
Site conditions assessment
Site surveying and measurements (distance, perimeter, volume, etc.)
Physical and environmental hazards detection
On-going construction
Inspection of hard-to-reach areas
Construction progress tracking and monitoring
Earthwork and inventory measurement (stockpile, extracted materials, etc.)
Construction assets monitoring (aggregates, materials, equipment, etc.)
Comparison of actual vs planned construction work
New fault or distress detection caused by construction work
Neighbouring land impact surveying and assessment
Final position and adequacy of all completed work surveying
Our solutions for the construction sector

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) for height and elevation data of entire site
Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for height and depth of entire site
Volumetric analysis
Excavated area and volume measurements
Extracted stock piles and inventory volumetric calculations
2D and 3D modelling
High quality 2D maps for progress tracking and monitoring
Interactive 3D view of different project phases
High resolution imagery
Geo-tagged high-resolution images of entire site for fast situation assessment
Live video streaming of high risk and complex operations
Close-up inspection
Hardly accessible spot inspection
Compliance and standard requirements inspection
Thermal inspection
Building insulations compliance inspection
Heat loss detection analysis
Landslide hazard monitoring
Slope condition measurement and analysis
Landslide risk assessment and in-situ monitoring
Online cloud platform
Cloud-based data analytics and management tool for overall project tracking
Multiple user accessibility for timely exchange of information
Your Benefits
Improve personnel safety - Less exposure of site inspectors to construction hazards
Enhance operational safety - On-site live monitoring of high risk and complex operations
Timely reporting to track progress better - Speed-up decision making
Multitude of geo-tagged data - Effective project tracking through a single platform
Higher precision UAV surveying at a lower cost - Faster and larger coverage than conventional methods
Reduction of operation cost - More efficient and less operation shutdown
Optimization of manpower and deployment - Less ground personnel for inspection, shorter notification time for UAV deployment
Speedy adjustment of resources - Timely resource monitoring and tracking, enable efficient planning of material procurement
White Paper
A Practical Landslide Monitoring Framework - How It Works
By Dr. Chan Y.K. and Dr. Senro K.
Hazards due to ground movements and instability in man-made structures can lead to considerable human and economic losses. Landslide is one of the most commonly seen hazards for the past decades. This article presents a practical framework that allows us to assess and analyze landslide-prone areas, as well as provide continuous monitoring on the slope stability.
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Smart Service for Earthwork Progress Monitoring

Submit request form Our experienced team will contact you to understand your needs, evaluate the sites, and propose a suitable service package.
Flight Mission Planning and Drone Operations We train your staff to conduct flight mission, operate drones, and manage data. Alternatively, you may engage our professional service team for drone operations.
Upload Data to Secure Cloud Server. After the flight mission, you can directly upload the collected data to our secured cloud server. We will process the data, analyze results and generate report that suits your needs.
Receive the Processed Data and Analysis Report through Online Client Portal. You can retrieve the processed data and analysis report anytime, anywhere, through our online client portal. We will also provide consultancy services for result interpretation and further action planning.
Use Case for Construction I
Smart Service for Earthwork Progress Monitoring in Negri Sembilan,
Melaka, Klang & Perak, Malaysia

Sample Processed Results
Orthomap with Contour
Digital Surface Model (DSM)
DSM with Contour
Smart Service for Landslide and Structural Health Monitoring and Early Warning

Submit request form Our experienced team will contact you to understand your needs, evaluate the sites, and propose a suitable service package.
Assessment of Slope Stability Our experience landslide experts will perform site investigation, topographic survey, borehole logging (if applicable) and conduct in-depth study on the slope stability.
Slope Stability Monitoring and Early Warning Depending on the slope conditions, different types of sensors may be deployed to continuously monitor the slope. Further analysis of stability and early warning criteria will be established. Countermeasure to prevent slope failure will also be proposed, if applicable.
Use Case for Construction II
Landslide and Structural Health Monitoring and Early Warning
(Gunung Pass, Cameron Highland)

Overall Monitoring System Setup
How Our Report Looks Like?
We provide professional sensing & analytics services as well as insightful report, help you to make informed decision and take confident action.
For further reference, check out our sample report(s):
Post-Developed Scan Service
(for Developed Residential Area)
Topography Survey - Accurate and geo-tagged topographic drawings of your premises and surroundings with features represented by contours, texts and symbols.
Land Subsidence Detection - 3D profile of road surface with accurate detection of land subsidence and other defects of the surroundings.
Exterior Building and Structure Inspection - High resolution photos of roof tiles, building walls, and other readily accessible areas by drone. Structural defects (if any) will be highlighted with measurements.
Suitable for residential communities
< 250 units USD4,500
251 - 500 units USD5,375
> 501 - 750 units USD6,125
> 751 units write to us at
Environmental Risk Assessment
Preliminary Slope Assessment - Initial site investigation and topographic survey of the slopes. Borehole logging (if applicable) and soil samples collection for slope stability analysis.
Slope Monitoring and Early Warning Real-time monitoring of slope stability and ground movement. Early warning system setup and risk assessment reporting.
Periodic maintenance every 6 months
Applicable for areas near to slope/hillside, suitable for residential communities,developers & construction companies.
Standalone, iAssess price is ranging from USD12,500 to USD125,000
Pricing of iAssess varies depending on the amount of equipments setup and the equipment setup will depend on the slope conditions.
Periodic maintenance every 6 months
Email to for more information.
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