AirQ Station
Timely Monitoring.
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Accurate. Affordable.
Air Quality Station
Timely Monitoring
Our products are specially designed to maximize accuracy and affordability, and are easy to deploy and easy to use for timely monitoring of environmental quality.
Why Bother?
Air pollution is the cause of over 34% of deaths from stroke, lung cancer, and chronic respiratory disease. By knowing our surrounding air quality, we can take preventive steps to protect our family.
The E120 Air Quality Station measures major air pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO2, SO2 and O3. It provides real-time and accurate data for environmental monitoring.

Integrated Design
Easy to Use
All Weather
Low Power
High Accuracy
Cost Effective
Integrated Design
Compact design with integration of multiple air pollutant sensors, GPS and built-in GSM modem for outdoor use. Suitable for measuring outdoor air quality, construction dust and emissions, urban transport emissions, community exposure studies and more.
Deep Learning
A proprietary deep learning-based method is used to extract spatiotemporal air quality features. By monitoring air quality and predicting its changing trend, we can make prompt actions to protect our family from being exposed to hazardous air pollutions.
Back-to-School Program
We provide back-to-school science activities for kids to learn about environmental sensing and the importance of preserving our environment. Kids will also learn disaster and emergency preparedness tips.
White Paper
Monitoring Air Quality Using a Deep Learning Model
By Dr. Tan S.C. and Prof. Koo V.C.
Air pollution is a serious environmental issue that has negative impact on human health. With the rapid growth of urbanization and industrialization, many developing countries suffer from heavy air pollution. This article reviews air pollution problem and its impacts to health and the environment. Further, a novel deep learning- based air quality prediction method is presented. By monitoring air quality and understanding its changing trend, we can make prompt actions to protect our family and children.
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