UAV applications for agriculture

As the demand for food is growing fast, farming methods need a few adjustments to be able to cope. In that context, it is important for farmers to maximize crop performance and get precise information to prevent crop health deterioration. UAV technology offers exactly that to the agriculture sector. iRadar UAV solutions provide farmers with the right equipment to scout their field to perfection. The solutions provide accurate and smart data that farmers can use to forecast future expectations, optimize inputs and react quickly to possible threats.
Precision farming
Pre-planting land surveying
Crop health monitoring, nutrient estimation
Weed identification
Plant counting for yield management
Farming operation
Fertilizer aerial applications
Irrigation equipment monitoring
Crop scouting and disease detection
Harvest monitoring
Our solutions for the agriculture sector

Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for creating precise height and depth data of land
Land surveying for biomass output prediction
High Resolution Imagery
Plant identification and counting
Pre-planting and post harvest field analysis
Multispectral Imagery
Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and Normalized difference red-edge index (NDRE) analysis
Vegetation growth monitoring
Hyperspectral Imagery
Landuse and crop type classifications
Nutrient content estimation and disease detection
Thermal Inspection
Heat detection of live animals in field
Field water planning, detection and source identification
Online Cloud Platform
Cloud-based data analytics and management tool for season-long monitoring
Multiple user access for timely exchange of information
Your Benefits
Fast surveying time - Large area coverage in short time
Instant digital information - Quick reaction time
Multitude of geo-tagged data - Big data analysis and prediction
High resolution temporal data - Better crop yield management
Larger land coverage at a lower cost - More efficient than traditional methods
Reduction of input cost - Better crop management, detect anomalies at early stage
Optimization of manpower and mobilization - Less ground personnel on site
Increase operation efficiency - Smart mission planning, auto-pilot and 100% scouting
Smart Service for Precision Agriculture

Submit request. Our experienced team will contact you to understand your needs, evaluate the sites, and propose a suitable service package.
Flight Mission Planning and Drone Operations. We train your staff to conduct flight mission, operate drones, and manage data. Alternatively, you may engage our professional service team for drone operations.
Upload Data to Secure Cloud Server. After the flight mission, you can directly upload the collected data to our secured cloud server. We will process the data, analyze results and generate report that suits your needs.
Receive the Processed Data and Analysis Report through Online Client Portal. You can retrieve the processed data and analysis report anytime, anywhere, through our online client portal. We also provide consultancy services for result interpretation and further action planning.
Use Case for Agriculture
Ganoderma (Basal Stem Rot) Oil Palm Disease Detection in Malaysia

Sample Processed Results
Agriculture Land Survey
With the high resolution aerial images, we provide farmers a detailed understanding of the states of their lands, giving them fundamental insights that lead to better planning and decision making.
Vegetation Growth Monitoring
Drone can be used to map plant canopy based on NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and NDRE (Normalized Difference Red-Edge Index). An NDVI / NDRE image can reveal the plant health and the presence of weeds, pests and other problems. The resultant maps can be used to generate prescriptions for spraying fertilizer or pesticides.
Plant Counting
One of the important data in precision agriculture is the plant counts in an agricultural plots or designated areas. This data is needed to estimate the amount of crops produces per unit. WIth high resolution aerial images, we provide farmeers an accurate plant counting data for yield prediction.
Pricing Structure
Whether you want to optimize your agriculture workflow, analyze aerial data, equip your in-house capabilities, or just want to get job done, we have a right option for you.
Professional Drone Service
"Get me the result and tell me what to do next!"
From USD 5 per hectare + Mobilisation
MOQ = 100 hectares
• We take care of everything from site inspection, drone operation, data processing and analysis
• Covered third-party liability insurance
• Pay per service
• Expert consultation
Web-GIS and Data Analytics
"I already have drone, i just want to analyze data "
From USD 199 per month
Up to 5000 images or 25GB per month, billed yearly
From USD 239 per month
Up to 5000 images or 25GB per month, billed monthly
• Cloud processing, visualization and sharing
• No hardware investment
• Guaranteed performance
• Secured data storage
• Flexible pricing
Build Your Own Team
"I want to build my in-house team for timely operation"
From USD 4,500
Ready-to-fly Drone Package, which includes 1 drone, center management software, basic training for 1 drone operator, consultancy and support for 1 pilot project.
• One-time investment
• Develop in-house talent
• Trained by certified trainer
• Full control of site operation
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